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Jon Favreau, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on February 16, 2016
Jon Favreau discusses his favorite sandwich

Jon Favreau is soooo MONEY!!

He is so money you do not even know how money he is and how big a fan of Jon Favreau I am.

I was looking at his movie credits and I just kept seeing so many of my favorite movies that
I love to watch. Here are a few:

Rudy– The sports classic movie about Notre Dame Walk On favorite Rudy- he played D-Bob

PCU– The very funny college movie with Jeremy Pivens.

The movie Swingers is one of my favorites. Did you know besides staring in it with Vince
Vaughn, Jon also wrote and co-produced the film?

The great thing about Jon was he didn’t just do movies. Do you remember him on the show Friends? He was Pete the millionaire. He dated Monica and he wanted to be a UFC fighter.

We got to see him go pro in his football movie career playing the crazy linebacker Daniel Bateman along side Keanu Reeves and Gene Hackman in the movie: The Replacements.

I loved seeing him work again with Vince Vaughn in the movie Made where he not only wrote it , but was also the producer, directed and starred in.

A must watch regardless of the holiday season is Elf where he acted and most of all directed.

I’ve been a huge fan of Marvel’s Iron Man trilogy – all in which he acted and directed both Iron Man and
Iron Man 2.

One of my all time favorite movies is Chef– I loved it. it was a really good movie and Jon did a heck of a job making it. I think it’s a very inspiring movie. Especially if you have aspirations to do something you love. I left the move ready to make Deli Fresh Threads better and it made me hungry for a Cuban sandwich. Wow that was some great sights and sounds when he was cooking.

As I was researching about Jon I came across some fun facts like:
Did you know that Anthony Bourdain’s memoir ‘Kitchen Confidential ‘inspired Favreau to write the movie Chef

“I’ve always wanted to call the shots because I would rather fail than not have a chance to figure it out on my own. I’m a very lazy person by nature. I have to be really engaged, and then I go straight from lazy to obsessive. I couldn’t study chemistry, but I could memorize all the books for Dungeons and Dragons. It was ridiculous. The trick is to find what I like to do.”

He must have really liked the idea for Swingers and for Chef since he wrote both scripts in under a month (about 2 weeks each).

“It was nice to work on a little movie like this again, where I have so many responsibilities between writing and directing and acting, and you live and die by your own talents. I missed the feeling of doing something small and personal, where I wouldn’t have to explain my vision to anyone but the people I was collaborating with.” You can also add doing his own cooking as well. He trained with food truck chef Roy Choi of Kogi BBQ Taco truck and one of the founders of the food truck movement.

I love that his favorite sandwich response is also the same sandwich he was serving up in the movie CHEF! Regardless if you want to start something food related – it’s an inspiring movie. I know if I wasn’t doing Deli Fresh Threads it would make me want to get into something. I love that movie, however every time I watch it I just crave a Cuban Sandwich!

He posted on Reddit on how he makes his favorite Cuban Sandwich.  The recipe comes from Roy Choi. Recipe can also be found in the liner notes of the Chef soundtrack.  Just in case here is what he shared:

Jon Favreau makes a Cuban Sandwich from the movie Chef.

Jon Favreau’s Cuban Sandwich Recipe

4 cups orange juice
3.5 cups water
1/2 cup rice vinegar
1/2 cup spiced rum
1/2 cup salt
1/4 cup sugar
lots of minced garlic
1 tbs fresh thyme
1 tbs fresh rosemary
1 tbs fresh oregano
1 tbs fresh sage peppercorns
3 bay leaves

Mojo Marinade:
6 lb pork shoulder
2/3 cups olive oil
2/3 cups cilantro
4 tbs mint leaves
1/2 cups orange juice
1/2 cups fresh squeezed lime juice
7 garlic cloves, minced
1 ½ tbs grated orange peel
2 tsp fresh oregano, chopped
1 tsp ground cumin
2/3 tsps. black pepper, ground
2/3 tsps. fine sea salt

Other items:
Loaves of baguette (or Cuban Bread)
American Yellow mustard
Swiss cheese
Pickles (sliced lengthwise)
Butter Sliced ham

Brine pork shoulder for 12 hours. Prepare Mojo Marinade.
Remove pork from brine and pat dry. Marinate pork shoulder in Mojo Marinade for at least 2 hours.
Slow roast pork shoulder til 170 internal temp (should still be a light pink on inside).
Baste pork with marinade throughout roasting. Let pork rest until cool enough to handle. If time allows, refrigerate to make it easier to slice.
Thinly slice, then grill.
Cut baguettes approximately 9″ long. Butter inside of baguette or roll and then toast until golden brown.
From bottom up, layer: 1) grilled sliced pork 2) grilled ham slices 3) swiss cheese 4) pickles sliced thinly lengthwise Slather mustard from edge to edge on top bun. Close sandwich. Generously brush melted butter on top of bread. Butter heated plancha and press until golden brown.

Hungry? Good think you can pick a Cuban Sandwich shirt at my 24hr – always open virtual Deli Shop!

You can follow @Jon_Favreau on Twitter and on Instagram

Make sure to go and check out the next movie Jon is directing.  He is working on the live action remake of the Disney classic- the Jungle Book.  Here is the trailer. Looks awesome!

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