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Johnny Cupcakes

Written by Biggie on May 16, 2013

Like many of you,  I am a big Johnny Cupcakes fan and I have been inspired by him.  Sometimes the simplest of ideas can be tough to do:  “Do more of what makes you happy!”  The saying is so true and something that I was missing in my life.  I am happy with many parts of my life but I felt like I was missing that extra something that makes me happy as a whole.  That extra something that excites you and you know that this is what you need to be doing.  I missed it and felt like a piece of me was missing.  I know many that have started brands because they see Johnny Cupcakes and they see what he has built and become.   I think it’s awesome.  Heck I am one of them.  I also know that for every Johnny Cupcakes there are hundreds/thousands that don’t make it.  Like many, I am ready to do it my way.

I have attended two of Johnny’s business lectures.  He tells you his story of how he got started and also tells you how to succeed and how you need to do those things that make you happy.  Even if you don’t want to start a clothing brand and want to do something you love.  You should attend his lecture if you ever get the opportunity to. You can watch some videos that Inc. posted of Johnny’s lecture here.

I know my brand is a food item and most Johnny Cupcake fans tend to group any food related clothing brand back to Johnny Cupcakes.  My intentions are not to ever copy or imitate Johnny Cupcakes.  I respect the Johnny Cupcakes brand and my brand too much to do that.  I am influenced by his brand- providing quality products with great designs and something that people love to wear.  Johnny Cupcakes is not just about the shirts- it’s about Johnny Earle and his team/family; it’s an experience.  There is a community based around the brand.  All things I love about the brand and hope to be able to one day create with my own brand. Trust me, I too get upset when I see Johnny Cupcake-esque designs done/duplicated by others.

His brand has introduced me to so many other awesome Cupcake fans that have either wanted to start or have their own brand/business, as well as other great artists.  It has been great to work and build friendships with these fans.  We also have helped each other get to that place where we all can “Do more of what makes you happy!”

Thank you Johnny for inspiring me and so many others!  Congratulations on 7 years at your Newbury, Boston location!

If you don’t know about Johnny Cupcakes and want to know more Click here to see and read Johnny Cupcakes story.  Also experience his stores in MA, CA and in the UK.

At the last lecture I attended,  I had Johnny write in my brainstorming book.

JC book