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Jim Gaffigan, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on September 14, 2016
Jim Gaffigan Fully Dressed Tour

I am a big Jim Gaffigan fan and have been for many years. I have watched him live as well as all of his comedy specials. My wife and I were also avid watchers of his TV Land show, The Jim Gaffigan Show (they have decided to not do a 3rd season). For those of you that do not know of Jim Gaffigan, you may have seen him in the new Chrysler Pacifica commercials or maybe you have heard or seen the clip about HOT POCKETS.

I just got back from a birthday cruise on the Carnival Valor. We chose this cruise because Jim Gaffigan would be performing on the ship for one night only with their Carnival Live series. I had an amazing experience thanks to the power of Twitter. Before we left, I tweeted out to The Jim Gaffigan Show, Jim Gaffigan and Jeannie Gaffigan wanting to know what’s Jim’s favorite sandwich. During my tweets I had the opportunity to let them know I was going to be on the cruise and would be attending Jim Gaffigan’s live performance on the ship.

I received a tweet back from his wife, Jeannie Gaffigan and she let me know that Jim had many sandwich favorites including meatball subs.

During my tweets with Jeannie Gaffigan, I let her know I was attending the cruise he would be performing on and that I wanted to give a shirt of one of Jim’s favorite sandwiches- Pastrami on Rye- out to him while he was on the cruise. I know that Jim enjoys a good Pastrami sandwich since he films at Katz Deli in NY during the filming of his show.

Before we left the cruise- Jeannie informed me that she had a Meet and Greet Pass for me and my wife to meet and provide Jim a packed Deli Fresh Threads Sandwich shirt.
As you can imagine I was excited to meet Jim and hand him the Pastrami on Rye. What happened next was an AMAZING experience.

I was asked how many people were going on the cruise with me and to the Jim Gaffigan show. We had 4 other friends coming along with my family and I on the cruise. The night before tickets were dropped off in my room and to my Awesome Surprise- my friends and I were all on the VIP Meet and Greet pass.

On the night of the event we arrived to the VIP event and on the list it says “Jim’s Friends” under my name. WHAT!!!! I am FREAKING OUT!

When my wife and I walked up to Jim for our photo opportunity he says to me “You are the Deli Guy!”
I was grinning ear to ear knowing he knew who I was. He said he had been to my website and saw my shirts and liked my Pastrami on Rye. (STILL GRINNING).


My friends all dressed in their Deli Fresh Threads to meet him. I was on cloud nine. After our individual pictures we had the opportunity to take group picture with him. This is where I got to personally ask Jim what’s his favorite sandwich was? He loves many sandwiches but he does enjoy a good Pastrami on Rye.


Jim Gaffigan is so nice and I cannot thank his wife, Jeannie, enough for giving me and my friends an amazing opportunity.

This is one of those moments that I will never forget. I am not sure if I will see Jim in the shirt or not – I just know I got to enjoy handing him a packed sandwich as well as meet one of my favorite comedians.

Check out Jim on his comedy tour- Fully Dressed.  Follow him at JimGaffigan.com and on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram