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The JB Rev Show

Written by Biggie on January 30, 2019
JB and Rev Show

Listen to “WJBW EP 282 Lets Get It Edition” on Spreaker.

I had the opportunity to be on an Internet Radio Show called JB Rev Show last night.  The JB Rev Show is an Orlando based radio show with live callers & special in-studio guests. They love to help support and amplify the authentic and talented hard working activists, musicians, artists, and Food related folks.

They found out about me from my big Sandwich Walking Tour I did for our 50th #SandwichEatUp on National Sandwich Day last year. I had a fun segment with JB and Rev talking about the brand, #SandwichEatUp’s, and local sandwich shops in Orlando. Check out the show. You can listen to my Segment starts at minute 42.

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