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IAMTHETREND Guest Blog post: The hardest thing I have had to learned

Written by Biggie on July 7, 2014
IAMTHETREND Blog post Hardest Thing I have had to learn when starting Deli Fresh Threads

I’ve been excited at the opportunities to do some guest blog posts for I AM THE TREND.  I wrote one about Building a Brand/Sandwich and they’ve just recently posted a new one called The Hardest thing I have had to learned when starting Deli Fresh Threads.

I sometimes think to myself – who would want to hear my point of view?  I am a young brand just starting out.  However I also think I can possibly help other brands who are starting out.  I value the information that IATT provides brands. So I am happy to contribute to their awesome online magazine.

Here’s a snippet from it to wet your appetite:

“As most brand owners will tell you patience, sticking with the game plan, and budgeting are all hard and necessary things for everyone to learn when they start their business. I mean come on, when you start anything that you are passionate about you are excited of the endless possibilities. However, in most infant stages you have to learn that it is a long process and you have to build a foundation and a brand following and that all takes time.

Unless you have a a lot of money saved to spend, you learn you have to budget your money buying merchandise and have to reinvest it back into your brand in order for it to grow.”

Click HERE to read more.  I’d love to hear your feedback.  

IATT  guest blog post

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I am a sandwich eater and I wanted to create a brand that gave the King Of Meals the love that it deserves. Deli Fresh Threads is all about the sandwich. I hope you enjoy my brand and my site. Please say hi and tell me how you came across my brand.

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