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IAMTHETREND reviews Deli Fresh Threads

Written by Biggie on June 10, 2014
IAMTHETREND Deli Fresh Threads Video review

Had the opportunity to be reviewed by IAMTHETREND. IAMTHETREND is is an online magazine that finds the newest and coolest indie clothing companies, artists, bands and products and delivers them to you daily on their site:  iamthetrend.com

Before I started Deli Fresh Threads, I would watch countless hours of videos posted by IAMTHETREND and listen to the reviews by Adam Hendle.  After a long hiatus it is back with Nick Roccanti now taking over the IAMTHETREND site and the brand/shirt reviewing.  I got to be the 1st brand to be reviewed.  Exciting stuff!

Watch the video.  Please leave a message/comment/feedback on the YouTube video or on the comment section below if you like.