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Gabriel Iglesias, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on December 4, 2013

I love a good laugh and Gabriel Iglesias makes me laugh.  One of my favorite things about him is that he uses different voices and sound effects when telling stories. Something I do as well.  If you have ever seen Fluffy he is probably wearing a Hawaiian shirt.  You will also notice he is a biggie sized guy but don’t call him big or over weight- he’s Fluffy.  Fluffy is his nickname. Fluffy is a term that was popular among overweight people in the 1940s, which he decided to use.

I admire that Fluffy took the chance on himself.  When he was first starting his comedy career, he tried to balance a job and his passion, comedy.  He had the financial security of his job but knew he needed to pursue his dream.  When he did take the jump  into comedy it resulted in him being evicted from his home and losing his car.  However he never gave up and kept on doing his thing.  He never stopped pushing and making people laugh. His persistance lead to more gigs.  Which lead him to being a contestant in Last Comic Standing and since then has done numerous Comedy Central specials, tv, and movies (Have you seen Magic Mike?  He’s in it!)

I do agree with Fluffy as well in his favorite sandwich- my mom does make some great sandwiches.  That’s because she makes them with love.  Just like how my Deli Fresh Threads shirts are made with love in the USA!

You can follow @FluffyGuy on twitter, Facebook , and Google+ .  Check out his FluffyGuy.com site and make sure to check him out on Tour

Here is Fluffy’s newest comedy special- Aloha Fluffy live in Hawaii.  Please feel free to share it.

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