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(flat) Biggie Bread’s Sandwich Adventure

Written by Biggie on June 8, 2015

I love to travel and take fun pictures with my gnome. But  lately I have been using a Biggie Bread sticker.  I thought it would be a fun idea to use my Biggie Bread stickers similar to how people use flat Stanley.  Flat Stanley is a character from a Children’s book.  that kids take with them on trips and take pictures of him at all the cool places they see during their trip.  The best part about him since he is flat- he can be packed, mailed and brought everywhere.

When sending out my orders I have been encouraging customers to take pictures of Biggie Bread in different places around their city or when they travel.  I’d love to find Biggie Bread a tour guide for every state to show him at landmarks or sandwich shops in their area.

Here are a few I’ve gotten from folks and some that I have gotten and taken already.

Biggie Bread at the Acropolis Greece

The Acropolis, Greece

Biggie Bread Wrigley Field Chicago

Wrigley Field, Chicago

Big Ass Sandwiches Portland Oregon

Big Ass Sandwiches, Portland, Oregon

Biggie Bread Space Needle Seattle Washington

Space Needle, Seattle Washington

Would you like to take Biggie Bread on a tour?

Anyone can be part of Biggie Bread’s Sandwich Adventure.  If you have a Biggie Bread sticker take pictures of him at any famous landmark and tag him on social media (twitter/Instagram) with the hashtag #BiggieBread and #DeliFreshThreads provide some info on where he is visiting and that’s it.  Feel free to tag me on the pictures too.

There are a few ways you can participate:

– if you have a Biggie Bread sticker already feel free to take him on a tour of your city.

– You can always buy a Biggie Bread Sticker from my virtual deli shop.

– As of right now this will be U.S. only- I will send you one Biggie Bread Sticker.  I will mail a Biggie Bread sticker to the 1st two people of each state of the United States.  All you have to do is email me at DeliFreshThreads@gmail.com & put in the subject line: Your State (the state you live in) BiggieBread’s Adventure. Please provide me with a mailing address and I will mail you a sticker of Biggie Bread and you can take him on an adventure.

Example of a subject line- FLORIDA- Biggie Breads’s Adventure

Once you have a sticker feel free to put him in your wallet or purse and travel with him all the time.  Whenever you see a note worthy landmark, a Roadside America location or AWESOME sandwich shop you enjoyed take a pic of him at that location.

I look forward to seeing what adventure you send Biggie Bread on.

Beefy King, Orlando, FL

Beefy King, Orlando, FL

States that are taking Biggie Bread on an Adventure: