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Erin Andrews, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on December 31, 2014
Sports Erin Andrews Whats your favorite sandwich

If you’ve watched college or NFL football you know who Erin Andrews is! Even if you don’t follow sports and have seen Dancing with the Stars you know Erin.

I first started watching Erin Andrews on ESPN when she was the Saturday Night College Football sideline reporter. If it was a big game- Erin was at the sidelines. She also covered MLB baseball.

In 2010, she was a contestant in Dancing with the Stars and finished 3rd. However, Americans fell in love with her and her star grew brighter. She started getting endorsement deals and was a correspondent for Good Morning America.

In 2012- She left ESPN and was hired by FOX where they have kept her very busy. She currently hosts College and NFL shows as well as a field reporter for NFL Sunday games, the MLB All Star, World Series, and NFL Playoffs.

No wonder she eats a sandwich before going on air- she is always on the go and like her twitter bio says …Everywhere.

You can follow @ErinAndrews on twitter, Instagram and visit her website: ErinAndrews.com
Of course you always turn your tv to FOX on a Saturday or Sunday and see her on TV too for the NFC WildCard and NFC Division Rounds.

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