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Emily Ellyn, What’s your favorite Sandwich?

Written by Biggie on February 20, 2013


If you haven’t figured it out yet I am a complete foodie.  I love eating, cooking, and I also enjoy watching it on TV. One reality show I watch is Next Food Network Star on Food Network.  Since I enjoy cooking shows this is right in my deli drawer.  During this past season of Next Food Network Star I had two favorites from the beginning.  Emily Ellyn and Justin Warner both were on Team Alton Brown.  Both were different than what Food Network and Cooking Channel have on TV.  Both should be on TV.

Emily is into Retro Rad, so 1950’s meets today.  She loves the 50’s lifestyle and feels a lot of the thoughts/feel from that time has been lost with time.  So she is bringing it back with her own twist.  Emily studied Restaurant Management and has two Masters degrees in Hospitality Management; one from Paris and one from my alma-mater- UCF.

I believe with her experience, personality and outlook on life that Emily should have a TV show whether on the Food Network or Cooking Channel.  She should be able to showcase her Retro Rad style and food (sandwiches especially). She is the Home Ec teacher we all wish we had.

I have been fortunate to tweet with her and she is such a sweetheart and genuine person. She also loves a good sandwich.  The few times I have asked her what her favorite sandwich are I have gotten different answers,  I have gotten everything from the PB&J to ham and pimento olive spread sandwich to another favorite.

You can follow Emily  on twitter: @Emily_Ellyn and visit her site.

Want to know and make what Emily thinks is one of the BEST SANDWICH in the World?  Click on her to pic find out.

Emily Ellyn










Since writing this post.  I have had the chance to meet and hang out with Emily and she is as awesome,  sweet and beautiful as you would imagine.  She has been super busy since being on Food Network.  She has been hosting as many foodie events around the U.S. as you can imagine.  She has also won Cut Throat Kitchen in what else? Constructing a classic deli sandwich.  Been on tv numerous times in either cooking segments or talking about food.  I look forward to seeing what she is cooking up in 2016.  I hope one of the things is her releasing her 1st cookbook..

Since this post she has become part of the Sandwich Eaters Club and owns her very own 1st Deli Fresh Threads.

Emily Ellyn and Deli Fresh Threads Retro Rad sandwiches

In case you are wondering – Inside the bag is my most retro design I have- The Liberty Sandwich!

Sea foam Liberty Sandwich T-shirt by Deli Fresh Threads- 2 girls posing

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