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Elliot Cantrell, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on November 6, 2013

The English take their sarnies, AKA sandwiches, seriously.  So serious that not only do they have the British Sandwich Association but they also have The Sammies Awards where they honor the sandwich and also name the Sandwich Designer of the year. (I’ve written about the British Sandwich Association before, click HERE to read it).

Many will compete in 6 different sandwich categories and one is then named Sandwich Designer of the Year.  Elliot Cantrell was the the 2013 winner in the gluten-free category and was also named England’s 2013 Sandwich Designer of the year.  He won with his amazing Tofu and Soya Nut Bahn-Mi with British root vegetable and Vietnamese chutney.

Curious about his sandwich?  Click on the sandwich to learn his recipe.

Elliots Tofu sandwich

With Elliot winning the Sandwich Designer of the year he automatically qualifies to compete in the World Food Championship in Las Vegas, NV.   The World Food Championships has 7 categories of some the world’s best chef’s/cooks competing in BBQ, Chili, Burger, Pasta, Dessert, Bacon, and of course The Sandwich!

In 2013, the World Food Championships is unveiling a “tournament-style” cook-off process for all of its category competitions.  The competition structure will be split into multiple rounds, including an opening “Challenger” round, a Category Finals round, after which each category champion will advance to the Final Table.

The winner of each category gets $25,000 with a chance to compete for the $300,000 grand prize.

I am trilled to share that fellow Sandwich Eater Club member, Elliot Cantrell, will be guest blogging his experience as he competes in the 2013 World Food Championship this weekend.

I am excited to hear about his experience in Vegas this week.  He has a love and passion for food and sandwiches and I wish him the best of luck.

Be on the lookout for pictures and Elliot’s guest blog post on DeliFreshThreads.com

Give @ElliotCantrell a follow on twitter and send him a message wishing him luck this week.