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Eggs The Podcast

Written by Biggie on November 24, 2017

Was introduced to the podcast Eggs The Podcast because of my friend, Will of Noble Folk Design who was recently interviewed on the show with them.
Eggs is a creative podcast, who talks about creativity in all its forms. They use the metaphor of an egg to frame discussions about the creative process in everything from personal projects to business. They talk to folks how they take their own dreams or how they take their “egg” from coup to table.

I enjoyed speaking with Ryan, Mike and Clint from Utah. We discussed everything from how I start my creative process to sandwiches and branding.

Take a listen to my interview with them and check out some of their other episodes.

I appreciate the opportunity to speak with podcasts and guys like Ryan and Mike. They do a great job in their research and we connected well – which helps when you are talking virtually. They also give me the chance to share my story and introduce other to Deli Fresh Threads.