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Eddie Huang, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on February 18, 2015
Eddie Huang picture courtesy of Jesse Costa
Featured picture is courtesy of Jesse Costa of WBUR


It’s great to be introduced to people that want the most out of life. Eddie Huang is one of those people. He currently has a new very funny show on ABC called “Fresh Off the Boat”. However Eddie has not gotten off his boat, as he is still very much on his journey to more great things.

The show is based on his childhood. He was born in Washington, DC and he and his family moved at an early age to Orlando, FL where his father managed steak and seafood restaurants.

The show is based and inspired on his blog and later formed memoir called Fresh Off the Boat.

Eddie studied law and worked in a law-firm. However after being laid off he decided he wanted to do more. Having a culinary influence from his mother and management experience from his father, he and his brother decided they wanted to open a restaurant called BaoHaus in 2009.  A Taiwanese-Chinese Bun shop. The amazing thing about his journey is that he was not a chef and he had never worked in a restaurant. Their restaurant was a success.

Eddie is a hustler and he continues to grow and try new things. This lawyer-turned-chef- author has also hosted shows on Cooking Channel and at one point was a TED Fellow. He is currently also hosting Snack Off on MTV as well as is continuing to write shows and movies to give more Asian American a voice.

The thing I admire about Eddie is that he has always been true to him self and honest. I read in People Magazine a quote from him: “I’ve never done anything to be accepted. So, to do things my own way, go rogue, and then be accepted for being myself is huge. I just hope others do the same.”

Check out the show Eddie host’s on MTV, Snack-Off  One of their judges is Chrissy Teigen a fellow “What’s your favorite sandwich?” featured read more here

If you want to get a better understanding of Eddie follow him on his adventurous culinary travels around the world check out his web series on Muchies- Huang’s World 

Watch Fresh Off the Boat on ABC on Tuesday night and also pick up a copy of Fresh off the Boat-the Memoir

Tweet with @MrEddieHuang on twitter  ; Follow @MrEddieHuang on Instagram 

It is Huang’s World.

Side Note:

City Sub had been open for over 30 years in Parks Slope in Brooklyn. There is nothing better than your go to sub place. So I feel the pain that Eddie feels and looks like other agree with Eddie.

I tried researching to see if City Sub ended up moving to a new location as was referred in my research but I have not seen anything new to report since May 2014. Hope Eddie and the Park Slopes community get their City Sub back!