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Eating in Seattle

Written by Biggie on May 26, 2015
Eating in Seattle

My wife had the opportunity to attend a conference in Portland, Oregon so we decided to spend the weekend in Seattle, WA before her conference. We had never been to the Emerald City and were excited to explore the city.

Space Needle Seattle Deli Fresh Threads

We stayed near the Space Needle and didn’t have a car so we relied on public transportation. During our time there we wanted to see as much of Seattle as we could.

Pike Place Fish Company Seattle and Biggie Bread of Deli Fresh Threads in Seattle

Pikes Place Fish Company was at the top of the list to visit. My wife had read a book about the Fish Philosophy used at Pike Place Fish Company, and her company uses those principles daily at work. Pike Place Fish Company is world famous for throwing fish around and making their customers have fun. There is a reason why Pike Place Fish Company is so successful. They follow these 4 basic principles:

  1. Choosing Your Attitude
  2. Play
  3. Making Their Day
  4. Bring Present

My wife actually got to catch a fish. She also told them how great to see people living the philosophies they practice about her work. These are the type of philosophies I hope to use as Deli Fresh Threads grows and we hire someone other than Biggie Bread and I.

Several friends recommended I check out an awesome Sandwich Shop owned by the Batali family called Salumi.

Salumi Seattle Sandwich

Salumi is a salumeria and restaurant located in the Pioneer Square Neighborhood in Seattle. The word Salumi comes from the Italian word Salume that means “Salted Meat”.

Salumi hanging meats in Seattle

At Salumi they cure their all their own meats. Everyone told us to get there early, since they have very limited hours and when they sell out they sell out. We got to Salumi before they opened and they already had a nice line waiting for the doors to open. When they opened they came out and thanked us for waiting already and then they came by with samples some of thinly sliced salami.

Salumi Seattle Salami

Their menu has a large variety of various in house cured meats that you could have as a sandwich. They also make an amazing Meatball Sandwich as well as Porchetta.

I had some menu anxiety since I knew I had only 1 shot while I was in Seattle. I spoke to the nice folks on what I should order and I went with the Porchetta. My wife went with the special an Italian Meatloaf they make only a few times a year. We also ordered a meatball on the side.

Porchetta Salumi Sandwich in Seattle

The Porchetta is Salumi’s tribute to the pig. It’s a pork butt stuffed with what they use in the meatball mix and spices. The bread of course is made from a local bakery in Seattle. They also add oil and garlic spread to the bread before they add the fillings in.

They are not shy and stuff their sandwiches. I had them add some of the sauce from the meatballs to my sandwich to go along with the peppers and onions.

My wife’s Italian Meatloaf sandwich was also very good. She added cheese to hers as well. When my wife and I travel and have many places to enjoy we have tendency to split a sandwich so we can enjoy 2 sandwiches while we are there.

They make some delicious food and I can now understand why I was told repeatedly to go and go early to Salumi.

Pike Place Market and Deli Fresh Threads in Seattle, WA

While at Pike Place Market I came across a sausage store that had a large variety of sausages. The more I spoke with the people of Seattle the more I was told I needed to make some room for Uli’s Famous Sausage. Now I did not have a sandwich here but knew I needed to enjoy and support them. Uli’s Famous Sausage is a butcher shop and vendor shop. They specialize in quality style of sausage from around the world including traditional German, Moroccan, South African and many others. You can buy them fresh there or pick a link or two and have them grill them up for you and enjoy them at their eatery.

Luis Famous Sausage Pike Place Market Seattle Washington

I not only enjoyed their sausage but I also loved and bought their Curry Ketchup. I plan to order some of their sausage to grill up at home and make Sausage Hoagies.

Marnin Saylor Donut Cat in Seattle Washington

As I was walking out of Pike Place Market I saw this very interesting little shop. MarninSaylor. What caught my eye of course was the giant Donut Cat. I spoke to them about how I appreciated they had this idea and went with it. I also loved that it was handmade in Seattle. I loved the branding down to him being dressed like an old school donut shop and they pack the sweet creatures in little donut bags. We swapped business cards and I told him to keep doing his thing. People like MarninSaylor inspire me.

Mee Sum Hum Bow Sandwich Seattle Washington

Across from Pike Place Market are more small businesses and eateries (the original Starbucks is located there). That is also where we visited Mee Sum Pastry. They make these humbow’s that my wife had read about. A humbow is a type of steamed or baked, filled bun or bread-like that is filled with meat. We ordered the BBQ Pork humbow and it was the perfect snack.

There are so many great places to enjoy and eat in Seattle I am not sure how people travel and not try all these local small businesses.

Hiram Chittenden Locks with Brian in Seattle Washington wearing Deli Fresh Threads

The next day we found out that a college friend, Brian was also in town and was going to do some sight seeing so we decided to meet up and see some more of Seattle. We visited the Hiram M Chittenden Locks and saw where the salmon swim upstream.


Freemont Troll in Seattle Washington

We made a stop to see the Freemont Troll. Yes he guards the bridge and there is an actual Volkswagen Beetle in his grasp. The Troll has been there since 1990 and at one point the beetle had originally contained a time capsule of Elvis memorabilia. (Random: Did you know Elvis loved a good sandwich- Ever tried the Elvis? It’s toasted bread slices with peanut butter, sliced or mashed banana, and sometimes bacon).

Honey Hole Sandwiches in Seattle Washington

After checking out the Locks and the Troll – we decided to have lunch. I was told on my way to Salumi to visit HoneyHole for a sandwich.

HoneyHole Sandwiches is located on Capital Hill and has been there since 1999. They roast, smoke and grill their high quality meats daily. Their sauces and soups are made in house everyday. If they don’t make it they are buying and supporting local food products.

The Gooch Sandwich from HoneyHole in Seattle Washington

I ordered The GOOCH sandwich- It’s a hot sliced tro-tip beef sandwich with red onion, sharp cheddar cheese, horseradish mayo, and a side of au jus on a Demi Baguette.

My wife had the Liotta sandwich- a Zoe’s Black Forest Ham and salami sandwich, with provolone, red onion, green peppers, banana peppers, mix greens, salt, pepper, mayo, mustard, oil and vinegar on a demi baguette.

Pastrami on Rye sandwich tshirt Knicks

My friend Brian- thought it was only right that he ordered their special- the Pastrami since he was wearing a Deli Fresh Threads- Pastrami on Rye tee.

I did more than just eat sandwiches in Seattle. I came across some cool sights:

Space Needle Seattle Washington

The Seattle Space Needle an observation tower and the icon of Seattle. It was built for the 1962 World’s Fair and been popular ever since.


Chihuly Glass long

The Chihuly Glass Museum is an amazing museum showing what beautiful art can be done with blown glass.

Cinerama Seattle Washington

I loved the Cinerama artwork. This movie theatre is a cultural icon since 1963. In 2014 they did a massive upgrade and renovation.

Savory Seattle and Biggie Bread

Seattle is a huge foodie city- they have food tours around the city. In my 2 day in Seattle I bumped into Nick twice from Savor Seattle Tours. The 1st time I gave him my card and a Biggie Bread Sticker. The 2nd day- I came across Nick- Biggie Bread was representing on his water bottle.

50 shades

If you know someone who read 50 shades of Grey- they would know about Christian Grey penthouse. Here is picture of his place.

Observatory view

We did not go up into the Space Needle since we did the SkyView Observatory. It was cheaper and it’s the tallest building in Seattle and the highest public observatory in the West Coast. We got to see Mt Rainier and all of Seattle from there. We also got great views of both CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field.

I really enjoyed our time in Seattle. It’s a great place to visit. It is easy to get around the city just by using their public transportation. I loved their commitment to the environment – I saw a lot of places composting their trash and recycling. Also a common thread in Seattle food was their use of fresh local ingredients. This city is not just about big business either- I saw a huge support for small local businesses as well.   Next Stop- PORTLAND, OREGON

I hope to go out West again soon.

Deli Fresh Threads eating sandwiches in Seattle