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Eating Atlanta

Written by Biggie on January 15, 2016
Eating around Atlanta Georgia

As a family we have not done many road trips. With the break before the new year we decided to take a family road trip. I did not want to drive too far but I also wanted to see a different state. We decided to visit Atlanta. It’s about a 6+ hr drive and it was a city we can do lots of activities in. I also knew there were good eats here.

Like in most trips I tried to research and find places we wanted to visit and eat. I asked via Twitter and also do a bit of Googling. Thanks to Droolius and AtlEats I got some great ones.

I got some great responses back on where we should go. I had the opportunity to try a few places while I visited Atlanta. Let me tell you about them.

Atlanta has done a bunch of adaptive reuse projects where they have revitalize old buildings and reuse them for shopping, dinning and living spaces. Two great examples of this are the Ponce City Market and Krog Street Market.

Our very first stop into Atlanta was to Ponce City Market were we needed some lunch and there were 2 places we needed to try. Ponce City Market is a market and Food Hall that is in Atlanta’s landmark Sears, Roebuck & Company building off of Ponce De Leon Ave.

Atlanta El Super Pan at Ponce City Market Cuban Sandwich in Atlanta

We visited El Super Pan Latino Sandwiches and Pub– my friend Droolius said the Cubano Mixto was one of his favorite Cuban sandwiches he has had. So we had to try it. The Cubano Mixto is pan Cubano, Cuban roasted pork, ham, salami, yellow mustard, pickles and Swiss cheese – all pressed.

Now I am more of Miami style Cuban (the difference is Tampa style has salami on it and Miami style does not) but this was a very good Cuban sandwich we enjoyed. I knew Droolius would not let me down.

Since I was on vacation and hungry from our journey we also tried out Hop’s Chicken across the food hall of Ponce City Market.

Right across from El Super Pan, we also got to try Hop’s Chicken. I knew it was good with the long line it had to order. Hop’s has a large walk up window where the smell of southern fried chicken and biscuits are in the air.

We ordered the Chicken Biscuit and the Chicken Sandwich.

Hops Chicken in Atlanta at Ponce City Market Chicken Sandwich and Chicken Biscuit

The chicken was really good. So good we also ordered a chicken thigh and some drumsticks. The chicken had a good seasoning and flavor. I’d ordered the chicken sandwich again vs the chicken biscuit.

On our second day we decided to go check out do some sight seeing and went to Zoo Atlanta and the College Football Hall of Fame. We took advantage of the Atlanta City Pass which was a great deal!

At Zoo Atlanta we had the opportunity to see some baby pandas and some very awesome gorillas. These gorillas we’re very active and understood people were watching them. They would slap the glass and clap and would even try to jump onto the glass pane as if you jump over to us. Was an amazing site.

After the zoo we decided to go to Krog Street Market. This place was designed and built into a 1920’s warehouse. It’s located in Inman Park. It’s a Food Hall and market and was named one of the top must visit Food Halls in the U.S.

Fred's Meat and Bread at Krog Street Market in Atlanta Cheesesteak sandwich Awesome

There we went to enjoy Fred’s Meats and Bread. Fred’s Meats and Breads is known for their burgers and fries but also their great sandwiches. I was told by Droolius and Thomas at Pig Floyd‘s that I HAVE to order the Philly cheesesteak and that is just what I did. My wife and daughter shared a meatball parm sub. These were hands down some of the best sandwiches we have ever eaten. The cheesesteak was not a traditional cheesesteak. They used quality rib eye, with American cheese, and onions all mixed in. It was so simply packed with a lot of flavor. The meatball parm had homemade marinara with matballs that were packed with flavor and fresh basil and cheese. Once we were fueled we headed over to the College Football Hall of Fame.

Tuesday we started out at the High Museum of Art. Friends of oursgave us passes and my daughter was very excited to go since there was a Mo Willems exhibit which happens to be a favorite author of ours. The Museum is quite large with beautiful paintings, sculptors, Amsterdam modern pieces of art. Bella loved the Mo Willems exhibit which was very interactive for kids as well as displaying many of his sketches from his books.

MLK House in Atlanta Georgia

We had seen numerous signs for the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr Historical site. My 7 year old Bella had learned about him in school and was adamant we go. I’ll be honest, It wasn’t on the top of my list but we went bc she really wanted to go. It’s all free and in the visitor center they have several videos many pictures and interactive areas about MLK’s life. We then went to Ebeneezer Baptist Church which is the church he grew up in and became a preacher there as well. Both my wife and I we’re overcome with emotion sitting in the church. The most interesting part of the historical sight was to tour MLK’s childhood home. The park ranger who did the tour was amazing. We were so happy B had up us stop there

Since it was almost 4pm and we hadn’t eaten lunch we headed to Victory Sandwich Bar.

Atlanta Victory sandwich bar Bahn Mi and BBQ Pulled pork sandwich in Atlanta

Victory Sandwich Bar has a bunch of great sandwiches for a great price.  You can eat 2 different sandwiches with chips for about $10 bucks.

We ordered a bhan mi and pulled pork sandwich along with cheddar popcorn and sriacha hummus. Great pick for lunch or a sandwich snack!

Centennial Park in Atlanta

We headed to Centennial Park that evening to walk around the. I ended up met some friend for dinner at Folk Art. Rikki and Dave moved to Atlanta a few months ago and they recommended Folk Art,  They knew I’d like and  it was features in Diners Drive Ins and Dives. I had the very popular fried chicken sandwich which did not disappoint!

Folk Art Chicken Sandwich on Diners Drive Thru and DivesFolk Art with Rikki Klaus in Atlanta

Wednesday we headed to the Georgia Aquarium and World of Coca-Cola, the aquarium was beautiful and were wowed by seeing whale sharks! I really enjoyed the World of Coke. In general Coke does excellent job at branding, from the moment I stepped in I wanted a Coke! The tasting area had over 100 types of coke products from across the world in addition to free style machines. All I craved was a food and a coke once we left.

Georgia Aquarium Whale Sharks are huge

We headed to an Atlanta icon for lunch – The Varsity. I know its not a sandwich and you don’t go to The Varsity for its fantastic food, you go there because it’s Atlanta! They pride themselves in greasy burgers fries and onion rings. It was started by a guy who got kicked out of Georgia Tech and he purposely made the colors black and red for University of Georgia.

Atlanta The Varsity

Our last meal in Atlanta was the Chick-fil-A Dwarf House which is the original Chick-fil-A. We stopped there for breakfast on our way home. There is a diner with additional menu items, however there is regular familiar Chick-fil-a counter as well. We all ordered the chicken and waffles.  I also had to order a chicken biscuit too!

ATL_Original Chick Fil A

It was a great family road trip and I appreciated trying out new sandwiches in a new city.

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