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DudeFoods, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on May 7, 2014
DudeFoods Nick featured him at Whats your Favorite Sandwich

I am a fan of anyone that enjoys food and enjoys creating new ways to enjoy it. Nick Chipman, from Dude Foods, finds that the bigger and crazier the food….the better!

Nick would always make crazy food creations and send pics to his friends. Based on a suggestion of a friend, he decided to blog about his creations and anything food related. He has been posting on Dude Foods since the Summer of 2010.

His crazy recipes have been featured on various websites and news outlets. Nick’s delicious creations have gone viral such as the McEverything and his latest creation, the Alphabet Sandwich.

I enjoy reading his website and seeing his creations. Probably most of recipes are things I would either enjoy and want to make at home.

I took a look and here are some of the Dude Foods sandwich I’ve enjoyed (click on the pic to read the DudeFoods post).


100% Cheese Grilled Cheese

AlphabetSandwich DudeFoods

The Alphabet Sandwich

The B DudeFoods

The B

Waffle Breaded Chicken Patty

Waffle Breaded Chicken Patty

Smores Pop Tart Smores

Smores Pop Tarts Smores


You can follow @DudeFoods on twitter and Like him on Facebook and Instagram. Also make sure to check out his site DudeFoods.com

What’s your favorite DudeFoods creation?

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