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My Experience at The DeLand Indie Market at Artisan Alley

Written by Biggie on April 4, 2016
Deli Fresh Threads at DeLand Indie Market

Over the past 3 years of being in business, I have not done many events selling out and about in the community.  My goal for 2016 was  to figure out a way to give everyone the same experience I try to provide when they buy a shirt from me online at DeliFreshThreads.com and  receive a packed sandwich from me. Until I could figure that out – I did not want to sell at events.

Deli Fresh Threads group shot wearing t-shirts

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I was able to figure out a way to logistically provide people that experience and be a vendor.  I had the opportunity to sell at a location in 2015 and though sales and the attendance was not as expected.  I was able to learn from it and it prepared me to sell at future events.

One of those future events is the DeLand Indie Market at Artisan Alley.

I had heard about the DeLand Indie Market from Russell Hamil who owns Newfangled Modern Market in DeLand.  Once I had some experience doing outdoor selling I knew I wanted to try to sell at the DeLand Indie Market.  It’s a market that occurs 4 times a year and has over 70 vendors participating.  Those vendors vary from vintage, clothing and jewelry boutiques, pottery makers, gourmet foods, artists, antiques, eco-friendly products, handmade goods and of course a sandwich inspired brand – Deli Fresh Threads.

I participated in the Deland Indic Market in March 2016.  The event is really well organized by Courtney Hamil and her team.  They provided us with a time to be there to arrive and unload and even had people to be help us unload.  You can imagine trying to coordinate 70 vendors in an Alley way and a garage to come and set up.  It was done in shifts and went extremely smooth.  It was a fun experience and yet another way for me to introduce people to the brand and also a way for me to sell my shirts and hats.

During the event I was able to speak with Orange Rocket Post who was there capturing the market. Check out what they wrote about the event: “How the Indie Market transformed Downtown DeLand into a Hip Destination”

Check out Orange Rocket Post’s video and see what the DeLand Indie Market is all about:

I enjoyed it so much that I was the first to reserve a spot in the upcoming Deland Indie Market at Artisan Alley- Summer Edition! on Sunday, May 22nd 11-5pm. I’ll be in the garage.  Hope we see you there.

Deland Indie Market at Artisan Alley Summer Edition in May