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Creative South 2017

Written by Biggie on April 24, 2017
Creative South_2017_GA

In April I went to conference called: Creative South.  Creative South is a weekend of creative thinking, collaboration, and exploration. This yearly Creative Conference just finished hosting its 5th year in Columbus, GA.

Creative South is the vision of Mike Jones, a designer who wanted to create an event where creative folks, designers/Illustrators and so many others can come and meet and connect folks unlike what the internet can achieve.

I had never been to Creative South but I had heard and read many great things about the event.

I spoke to my friend, Will Truran, of Dead Flesh Co and Noble Folk Design if he was going to be attending this year. I really wanted to go. I wanted to be submerged in that creative community. As luck would have it, Will had a ticket. So I decided I too needed to be there. We both made the trek to Columbus, GA together.

Now you may wonder why Columbus, GA for a conference? Mike Jones is from Columbus, GA and nothing like Creative South existed in the South. Mike wanted to build something similar to WMCFest (Cleveland, OH) in the South. He saw how it built relationships and he wanted folks to come to see the wonderful city he lives in.

It was nice knowing that over 200 in attendance were from Orlando, FL. I also got to experience that real life connection with folks that I had been following and interacting with on social media. Folks like the man himself, Mike Jones, Anderon Bluu of Bluu Dreams, Joe Baron of Branded Baron, Mitch Shepherd of Humbly Made, Rogie of Super Team Deluxe. Not to mention all the great new people I met in person and now following on social media.

I was able to connect with many people and spread the word about Deli Fresh Threads.

I took away several things from Creative South:

  • We are all on a path and that path is not always straight but you need to keep moving forward to get to where you need to go
  • Go outside your comfort zone (even if its starting for 5 minutes)- go outside your comfort zone (even if its starting for 5 minutes)
  • Takes the chance to learn and grow from your failures
  • Be prepared to work for it
  • It’s a Hell Yeah or its a No!
  • Write your story
  • Figure out your doubts- then crush & encounter them
  • Your WHO is more important than your DO
  • Punch above your weight class.
  • Effort trumps talent
  • Resentment causes burnout
  • One big thing each day
  • Invest in YOU!

In the end I plan to come back again to Creative South in 2018 and I totally agree that at Creative South you “Come as friends and leave as family”

Side Item:

Aside from meeting so many great people and hearing so many speakers.  Mike Jones planned some amazing things- like have two teams of 4 artists compete and collaborate on a wrapped Bentley to design this: