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Crazy Monkey Trucker, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on December 18, 2013

You never know how people will come to learn about your brand. In this day and age of social media you can find anyone or anything! Deli Fresh Threads was introduced to Crazy Monkey Trucker aka Brody via Instagram as well as following Lain Lee III Designs. He started following me and we started communicating with one another. He also went ahead and purchased a Deli Fresh Threads logo shirt and then a 2nd purchase of the Hoagie shirt, due to his love of 80’s cartoons.

Brody has a character he calls Crazy Monkey Trucker. He’s a cool chimp that he turns into different characters- Anything from a superhero to Star Wars. When not role playing the Chimp also wears many trucker hats.

I noticed that Brody was part of something called #FAFATL where he would randomly place a beautiful handcrafted wooden magnet of his chimp around Atlanta. Free Art Friday Atlanta or #FAFATL  started in 2010 and began as “A free art scavenger hunt in Atlanta, where local artists and makers offer small versions of their work for free on the first Friday of each month. It is a way to encourage creativity and get people out walking their neighborhoods”.

What a great idea. It’s fun, free, and a great way to get your name out their for others to get to enjoy and see your art. There are so many talented local artists that you may not know about. I hope to see a similar movement happen throughout the US.

I was surprised one day to get in the mail my very own Crazy Monkey Trucker- except he was rocking a Deli Fresh Threads hat. You can tell the time he puts into these pieces he makes. I have my Chimp sitting in my deli shop. It reminds me that people truly appreciate my brand.

DFT Monkey Trucker

I appreciate all the support Brody and many Sandwich Eaters provide me.  From buying shirts, to retweeting or telling and sharing with their friends.  Every little bit helps.

Make sure to follow Brody on his @oohoohaah twitter . Enjoy his Instagram. He has some cool chimps available for sale at his Shop.

You can also visit his website- CrazyMonkeyTrucker.com  

If in Atlanta make sure to participate in #FAFAtl

Since Brody is a huge Star Trek fan I figured he would enjoy guest blogging on a What’s your Favorite Sandwich?” and helping me feature a Star Trek icon. More to come.

Side item:

This is Brody wearing some Deli Fresh Threads

Brody Logo

Brody OohOohAah

Thanks for all the support Brody.