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Cool S Sandwich!

Written by Biggie on June 27, 2019

Recently an Instagram account was started, Cool Ess Ideas, with the idea of making Cool Ess art for a cool ess purpose: Getting the Cool S Character officially added to the Unicode Library.

Do you know what the Cool S is?

I use to draw the cool S all the time (back in the day)- I always thought it was fun to draw.  Of course the Cool S became that much better when they made it into a Cool S-andwich! Nice work by Noble Folk Design for creating the Cool S PB Sandwich!

Check out the Sandwich they created!

Behind the scenes of the Cool S Peanut Butter Sandwich

Behind the scenes picture of the Cool S Peanut Butter Sandwich

Give the folks at Cool Ess Ideas a follow and if you get creative and want to particpate- make your own and tag them!  They love spreading the word!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich T-shirt

Buy a PB&J

If you forgot how to draw it or want to learn how to draw it click HERE.