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Cloak and Dapper, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on October 1, 2015
CLOAK AND DAPPER mens clothing store favorite sandwich

I am a huge fan of local small businesses. It is one of the many reasons I enjoy doing my #SandwichEatUp events because I get to showcase one every month while enjoying a delicious sandwich. I have been seeing a lot of local accolades for small local men’s store in Orlando called Cloak & Dapper.

inside cloak and dapper favorite sandwich Orlando

When I went in to Cloak & Dapper I could see from the beginning the style and decor they were going for. Walking around the store I could see the quality items they were selling. I started speaking with Calvin, one of the owners of Cloak & Dapper and we had an instant connection. We had similar thoughts on branding, importance of quality of product and consistency in the message you are providing.

Calvin Cearley wanted to bring back the American general store. You know the general store from back in the day where men would go to their primary supplier of the local townsmen’s essentials: clothes, grooming, provisions. Everything they needed was all in one place for them.

He came up with the concept of Cloak & Dapper- When he got tired of wasting time pacing the aisles at the mall looking for the next pair of jean, or constantly looking to find good quality clothing and grooming products.

Calvin partnered up with NBA player, Ryan Anderson and restaurateur, Kaleb Harrell to open and create Cloak & Dapper. Looking to revive the one stop shop – delivering the highest quality goods crafted in the USA while offering a more simplified shopping experience.

They created the Cloak & Dapper brand, website and brick and mortar store so that they can take the leg work on the essentials a guy would need. “We like to say you basically need to own one of everything we have. There’s no redundancy at C&D. Each piece stands alone and fills a basic manly need.”

They just recently won 2015’s Orlando Weekly Best of Orlando and Orlando Sentinel Best Bets for Best Men’s Clothing Store in Orlando. I see great things happening with Cloak & Dapper.

Cloak and Dapper is located online at CLKDPR.com or if in Orlando – check them out at 1219 N Orange Ave, Orlando, FL 32804

You can follow @CloakandDapper on Twitter and on Instagram at @CloakandDapper. Also check out his Facebook