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Chicken Parm Collab with Mama Sauce

Written by Biggie on October 2, 2020

One of my favorite Italian dishes is Chicken Parmesan.  I usually try a slice of pizza and order the chicken parm in order to gauge how good an Italian restaurant is.  Chicken Parmesan is my go to order every time I eat at an Italian restaurant.  So you can say I enjoy a good chicken parm sub anytime I can get my hands on one.  This sandwich was also something that I connected with Nick Sambrato, founder of Mama’s Sauce, and something we knew we needed to work together on.

Mama’s Sauce is an Orlando print shop that specializes in letterpress, screen print, production consultation and foil and is known worldwide for their quality and bringing peoples print project, packaging and paper products to life.  The name is also great-  founded by 3 Italians, it was a happy accident that occurred while they were mixing a chunky red ink in a cobalt blue bowl.  It looked just likes Mama’s Sauce!  And they give that spot color print work the same attention that an Italian Mama gives her Sunday sauce.

I have been a longtime fan of the work they produce and their Mama’s Sauce merchandise is awesome.  So I was excited when Nick and I discussed wanting to collaborate on something together.  It was pretty easy to think it would Italian themed and since he and I both enjoy a Chicken parm- this would be the sandwich!

We discussed some ideas and concepts I had and then we spoke about who would be able to help cook up this saucy idea and make it happen.  Kyle of Wild Giant Design was someone we both agreed would be able to bring this idea to life and out of the oven.

The Chicken Parm Sandwich was a great collaboration and I had a blast working and being able to brainstorm with Nick and Kyle on this project.  I guess you can say it was saucy good time.

Chicken Parm is available now at our Deli Fresh Threads shop!