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Cesar Kuriyama, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on March 5, 2014

Life moves very quickly and sometimes the days can jumble together like a blur. Sometimes you fail to stop and smell the roses. That is how Cesar felt. He is an animator and was  working long hours 7 days a week and was just getting burnt out. He needed to get his creative juices going so he worked non stop and saved every penny so he could take a year off. In that year he took video of his life, chronicling it one second at a time.

This project then inspired him to create and get funded Kickstarter and create a smartphone app that will help others capture their life – 1 second at a time.

“The One Second Everyday project has helped me to maintain my creative drive, as I am constantly attempting to capture something noteworthy. It has become a perpetual reminder to wake up and seize the day” he told in an interview to the UK Telegraph

I am impressed that in his 1st year creating it – he only missed 2 days that year. I tried starting this when I started Deli Fresh Threads to chronicle it my 1st year and failed miserably. I tried to start up again and even with the reminders it can be difficult. It also shows how some days are just the same thing- different day. Which is one of the great things about the app- it can motivate you to start to do more things and help you remember those activities.

One of the nice things about his app is that you can insert a photo if you did not take video that day.  I have since started it back up and hope to share with you my 1 sec a day a years end.

You can download the app for your smartphone here: iPhone or Android.

You can also follow @CesarKuriyama on twitter and Facebook .

Here is the video of his life the past 2 years:

Year 1:

Year 2:

Side Item:

Have you seen Jon Favreau’s movie Chef?  In the movie one of the social media apps used is Cesar’s 1secondeveryday app.  Click HERE to read Cesar’s interview with SlashFlim.com about how the app was added to the movie. I was very happy to see that Cesar’s app was in the movie.  Chef is a great movie and recommend you go out to see it.  But be warned you will leave hungry craving Cuban food!

About the sandwich:

Godfather photo courtesy of Morgan Ione Photography

Godfather Picture courtesy of Morgan Ione Photography

I came across Peter Hobbs post for What’s Good Today? about Cesar favorite sandwich the Godfather.  Here is what Peter wrote about sandwich.  The Godfather is made at East Williamsburg’s Graham Avenue Meats and it features roasted peppers, a choice of gabagool (capicola) or sopressata (spicy or sweet), mortadella, Parmesan, provolone, vinegar peppers, lettuce, arugula, tomates, basil, olive oil and balsamic vinegar on a semolina bread from Napoli Bakery, a bakery a few blocks away.  Read more about Graham Avenue Meats here.