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“Branding your Blog” at FLBlogCon 2014

Written by Biggie on September 23, 2014
FLBlogCon14 Deli Fresh Threads picture by Professor Josh
Photo courtesy of Professor Josh

When I started Deli Fresh Threads in 2013 I knew I needed mediums in order to interact and reach out to others. Having a blog to do this was key. Not being an expert in blogging, I knew I needed help. A great resource that I came across was the Florida Blog Conference. FLBlogCon was created by Bess Auer  who created this conference to educate and inspire bloggers, equip them with the tools to move from hobbyist to professional, and then work to connect them with brands.  She also wanted to do something here in FL and make it a one day event so many could attend. This was their 4th FLBlogCon. I attended my first conference in September 2013 and I gained a wealth of knowledge that took Deli Fresh Threads further. Because of the info I learned at FLBlogCon, #SandwichEatsUp was born.

After the conference I met and was interviewed by Ben Reed from Orlando Water Hole. He has an internet talk show where he features Central Floridians who do extraordinary things! Once he heard my passion about Deli Fresh Threads and saw what I have accomplished, he suggested I should submit to present at the 2014 FLBlogCon.

As a young brand I felt it would be wise that I be paired with someone else since it is such a key component to any blog or brand. I submitted a topic to present and was emailed in May 2014 that I would be co-presenting with Robin Draper of Authentic Florida.

Hype Orlando Deli Fresh Threads FLBlogCon
Photo courtesy of HypeOrlando


Although our blogs are very different, Robin and I agree very much on the same principals when it comes to branding your blog.  FLBlogCon was held at Full Sail on Sept 20 2014, I presented along with Robin on the main stage to a room of 75+ people wanting to hear our presentation “Branding your Blog”. Just a few years before, I saw Johnny Cupcakes  give his lecture series there and now it was my turn. I was excited to be able to provide the attendees with Deli Fresh Threads goodie bags to give them a taste of my branding. It was such an honor to present and share my passion. It was a great experience and gave me quite a rush sharing what I do with attendees. I continue to learn new things thanks to the great speakers at the conference and I plan to attend again next year. One of the things I learned was that it’s nice to get out of your comfort level. I never would have thought I’d ever be presenting. Opportunities like this allow me to help others focus more on their passion in their own blogs.  It also helped me introduce Deli Fresh Threads to new people, and share what I believe is important with any brand or blog.


Branding Deli Fresh Threads Different Perspective FLBlogCon
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Side Item:

For anyone that attending the conference I am providing a Discount of 20% off when you use the code: FLBLOGCON at my Deli Shop: DeliFreshThreads.com

This code is good till Oct. 31st 2014.


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