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Branding “From Passion to Product” at Full Sail

Written by Biggie on September 5, 2015
Deli Fresh Threads branding presentation From Passion to Product

I had the ability to speak last year at Florida Blog Con at Full Sail. I spoke about branding.  Because of that presentation I was contacted to see if I could speak to a class at Full Sail- the class was for a Product & Artist Management class.  I presented in May of this year and then was asked again to speak with the class this past August.

With periscope becoming popular and a medium I started using.   I thought it would be fun to broadcast the presentation I did this weekend.

I usually attend these presentations by myself.  However I had some issues that day and my car was in the shop, so my wife and daughter took me to Full Sail and they got to see me present.  I call the presentation “From Passion to Product”.

Here is a link to the saved Periscope.  Just click on the link below or the image to see/hear the presentation.

From Passion to Product

katch Full Sail presentation

(Please note that I had some technical difficulties in the beginning so the first few minutes are me trying to get my presentation on the screen).

If you do go on Periscope and start using it – make sure to follow me (@DeliFreshThrds) or watch some previous live scopes via Katch

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