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Written by Biggie on November 17, 2016
BLT Design Deli Fresh Threads DaVinci

The BLT sandwich is the second-most popular sandwich in the United States.  If you are wondering what the #1 sandwich is, it’s a classic Ham and Cheese.  The BLT became popular when fresh lettuce and tomatoes became available year round with the rapid expansion of supermarkets after World War II.

When I was brainstorming ideas for a BLT design, my sketches and ideas were all over the place.  I decided I wanted to honor this classic sandwich via Leonardo DiVinci.  I  spoke  to my friend and designer, Lain Lee III to help me make this vision happen.

During the initial designs, I  had one of my favorite BLT makers, Chef Chris from BrisketBus, tell me how it should be assembled with the bacon on top.  I was told “Never hide the money”. “You want customers to see what they paid for as much as possible.”  So don’t hide the bacon, showcase it. (Check out Chris’s blog post about Building the perfect BLT).

The same insight was given in regards to the application and order of the mayo.  Mayo prevents the bread from getting soggy. All of theses details were taken into account in this design.

I also asked sandwich eaters for their opinion on what color the shirt should be, but in the end I felt it needed to be brown ink on a creme shirt so it would have the same effect as a drawing from DaVinci – a true tasty classic.

You can purchase your BLT at my virtual Deli Shop or visit my Deli Counter at The District at Mills 50 in Orlando, FL.




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