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Biggie Bread- The puppet

Written by Biggie on January 17, 2016
Deli Fresh Threads Biggie Bread puppet close up

If you haven’t seen him yet you will in 2016. Biggie Bread Puppet is alive and in puppet form. I loved the idea of making Biggie Bread into a puppet. When I started seeing Nate the Acorn on social media I thought to myself why not make Biggie Bread into a puppet.Nate the Acorn

Nate the Acorn is an awesome acorn who is a great mascot for the Pasco County Parks and Recreation Department. I thought it would be fun to bring Biggie Bread to life.

I asked around if anyone knew of a puppet maker (not a usual question). I knew someone who knew a guy that could help me. Thanks to my college friend Carolyn. She knew of someone that could help me and introduced me to Jason Stanley.

Jason Stanley is a professional puppeteer in Orlando, who also makes some his own puppets at Magic Child Creative. We started talking around April 2015 about the idea. I wasn’t in a hurry and Jason had never made a custom bread puppet like Biggie Bread so we started communicating. I sent him some sketches of ideas of how Biggie Bread would look.

As time went on I would get updates on where he was in the process and what he was working on next. It was really amazing to see how Biggie Bread came to be.

Here are some shots of the process Jason went thru:

Biggie Bread Foam figure

Biggie Bread foam hands

Biggie Bread body

I had sent pictures of Biggie Bread but I think the moment Jason ran into a fellow Deli Fresh Threads fan, DC at a Walgreens and saw him wearing a Deli Fresh Threads Biggie Bread Shirt- he totally got how he wanted to make Biggie Bread and his hands. Especially since they were the same size.

I had many times I had to ask my wife to measure my hands from this point to this point in order to give Jason an idea of what he needed to make Biggie Bread work for me.

Let me tell you Jason did a heck of a job on Biggie Bread. I am still trying to figure him out and the whole puppeteering but I am ready to have some fun with Biggie Bread.

So some fun stuff about my puppet:
– Biggie Breads static hands will be bendable.
– His static arms can come off and I can use gloves that Jason made me- Biggie Breads hands!

Biggie Bread Hands

Biggie Bread puppet almost assembled

Biggie Bread Puppet fabric

Biggie Bread Puppet Side view

Biggie Bread with a smile

Biggie Bread Puppet with a smile

Biggie Bread Puppet completed

I am very happy with the work Jason did and I would recommend Jason of Magic Child Creative. If you are looking for a puppet for yourself or for someone else go check out Magic Child Creative on Facebook or Etsy 

Biggie Bread Puppet with JasonBiggie Bread puppet with Jason and me

Biggie Breads Puppet Thumb up Biggie Bread Puppet and I

If you are in the Central Florida area- check out the show at the Orlando Rep  – Bird Call The Musical that Jason and some of his puppets are in.  It’s on. January 20th-24th at The Orlando Repertory Theatre – Tickets are on sale! To purchase tickets visit: BirdCallRadio.com

Here is is the shows schedule:Bird Call The Musical

Wed Jan. 20 – 8pm
Thurs Jan. 21 – 8pm
Fri Jan. 22 – 8pm
Sat Jan. 23 – 3 pm (Matinee)
Sat Jan. 23 – 8pm
Sun Jan. 24 – 8pm (Closing Night)