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Biggie Bread Stickers!

Written by Biggie on June 11, 2020

I love stickers and the outlet that they provide me to showcase some of the many ideas I have living in my sandwich mind. ┬áStickers also allow us to make Biggie Bread into so many different types of sandwich characters. As you can see in our sticker section Biggie Bread is a Grilled Cheese, PB&J, S’Mores, Bread Pool, Darth Bread, Spider Bread, and so much more…

Our 2 newest stickers are Avocado Spa and Deli-X – Biggie Bread goes from Relaxed to Wolverine Intense in just 2 stickers.

I believe in providing you great quality products with some of the best stickers and that is why we use Sticker Mule for our stickers. Made from durable vinyl and weather resistant so they are protected from scratching, rain and sunlight and ready to be showed off!

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