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Back Talk With Bauer

Written by Biggie on August 28, 2020

I had the opportunity to speak with Josh Bauer on his Web show / podcast – Back Talk With Bauer.

Josh is Artist and Graphic Designer and creator at JBauerArt.

I’ve known Josh for some time and he does some amazing artwork- definitely check his stuff out.  I like the fact he started Back Talk with Bauer to create this show in hopes to help his fellow creative friends reach a new audience and keep himself entertained in the process. Josh sits down with artists, musicians, podcasters, cosplayers, and more to chat about what makes them tick. josh and his guest discuss how they got into their industry, where it has taken them so far, and where they would like to go. Usually, some random side conversations are tossed in throughout the show as well.

You can also check out his podcast: