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Anna’s Sandwiches T-Shirt

Written by Biggie on November 11, 2019

Living in Orlando and having a daughter – I have seen my fair share of kid and princess movies.  If you have watched my YouTube channel you will see that I like asking Disney characters what their favorite sandwich is (see part 1 and part 2)? It has become a very fun thing to ask.  I, of course, have a favorite princess.  She is the sister of Elsa, Queen of Arendelle and she enjoys a good sandwich. I am talking about none other than Princess Anna of Frozen!

In my world- she enjoys sandwiches so much – that she opened her own sandwich shop called Anna’s Sandwiches.

I thought with a new movie Frozen 2 being released about these 2 sisters that this would be a great time to release this shirt.  I worked with the talented Adam Grason– who was all about coming up with and the architect who answered the question: What if my favorite princess owned a sandwich shop?

So do you wanna make a sandwich? Cause Anna’s Sandwiches make sandwiches so good you’ll want to finish each other sandwiches!

Anna’s Sandwiches are available now at our online SHOP.  It is available from size XS to 3X.