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Anjelah Johnson, What’s Your Favorite Sandwich

Written by Biggie on April 12, 2016
Anjelah Johnson Whats your favorite sandwich? Comedian is coming to Orlando,FL

I enjoy a good laugh and go see comedians perform stand up when ever possible.

This week I asked Karen Peterson, to be a guest blogger for “What’s Your Favorite Sandwich?” Karen is a friend who I met at a Florida Blog Con event and we have been friends since.  Especially since she enjoys a good sandwich and is a proud wearer of Deli Fresh Threads.  She is also a huge Anjelah Johnson fan. Karen has a blog, Karen Nerds Out, all about Nerd conversations and plentiful libations. Thank you Karen for the guest post. Follow @KarenNerdsOut on Twitter, Instagram  and check out her website:  KarenNerdsOut.com

Take it away Karen….

I’ll own up to it, I missed out on watching MADtv, but I have a legitimate good reason as to why. While Anjelah Johnson was splitting the comedic seams with her rude, fast food cashier, Bon Qui Qui, I was living in Japan. Having worked in fast food while I was in college, the character resonated with me as Anjelah’s interpretation is a mirror of several folks I experienced during my collegiate tenure at the student union. It wasn’t until several years later, I was introduced to Bon Qui Qui and King Burger while working at a summer camp.

It would be several years later, on my first day of flight attendant training, that I would see Anjelah again. Our instructors were trying to break the ice, so during one of our breaks, they showed us various clips of how flight attendants are portrayed from sketch comedy to stand up. They cued up that very same MADtv King Burger sketch I saw two years prior, and then followed up with Anjelah Johnson’s stand up encore from her first Comedy Central Special: That’s How We Do It (2010). She reimagines Bon Qui Qui as a flight attendant performing the boarding announcements, safety demo, and throwing a passenger off a plane. From that moment on, no matter how bad a day I had while at “the office”, I would think about Bon Qui Qui and laugh the negativity out.

What I love about Anjelah is that she proves women can be funny, nerdy, and class all the same time. Her comedic style is generally geared toward women, with bits on issues at the nail salon, troubles with dating, and potential disaster at her own wedding. Men find her relatable as she’s a quick-witted tomboy, confessing her love professional wrestling as a child and chatting about her past as an Oakland Raiders Cheerleader. She shoots straight from the hip without being raunchy or resorting to swearing. She may play it safe, but her wit is razor sharp.

When tickets went on sale for second round of Anjelah’s Bon Qui Qui Tour, I made it a point to set three alarms and stalk Ticketmaster like I was sniping a closing bid in an online auction. As it turns out, my enthusiasm lead to quite the surprise. When I selected my seat, I decided to go with the best seat I could afford, one right in the middle of the first row. A bit later, I found out on the event page that the VIP tickets included a meet and greet with Anjelah and some special swag. I couldn’t believe my luck. Leave it to me to unwittingly score such an experience. I took to Twitter to express my excitement, and Biggie, Anjelah and I wound up discussing Anjelah and Bon Qui Qui’s favorite sandwiches!

I am curious to find the right combination for each of these sandwiches and give them a shot before I go to the show in April. I may have to have one for lunch and the other for dinner the day of the show, so we can trade notes at the meet and greet! Time to start scouring local restaurants and online recipes to see where in Orlando I can find sandwiches that would make Anjelah and Bon Qui Qui proud!

Bon Qui Qui in Concert with Group 1 Crew Presented by Anjelah Johnson is scheduled for 8PM, Friday, April 29, 2016 at the Hard Rock Orlando.

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