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Alton Brown, What’s your favorite sandwich?

Written by Biggie on March 1, 2016
Lauren Zaser of BuzzFeed took this photo of Alton Brown with dream sandwich

Alton Brown favorite sandwich is the Cuban Sandwich

Since I started writing What’s your favorite sandwich?,  I have attempted to ask Alton Brown numerous times what his favorite sandwich is.  I have asked people that know him and work with him such as, Giada, Jeff Mauro, Justin Warner, and Emily Ellen, yet I never got one of his “Analog tweets”.  His trademark analog tweet is an image of a hand written post it note on a computer screen.

You can only imagine my excitement when I saw he posted his favorite sandwich on his Facebook page with directions on how to make it.

Alton Brown is a TV Food cooking legend.  Brown notes that he was dissatisfied with the quality of cooking shows airing on American television, so he set out to produce his own show. In preparation, he enrolled in the New England Culinary Institute.  In 1999 he filmed the pilot for Good Eats and was on Food Network from 1999 to 2012.  Good Eats wasn’t just a cooking show, he taught us the underlying processes of cooking.  It was a great show that inspired many cooks like Justin Warner, who was on Team Alton when he was the winner on the 8th season of Food Network Star!   I asked Justin and Emily Ellen what makes Alton so great and such a voice when it comes to food.

I agree with Justin- I enjoy his take and the way he describes and shares his love for food.

Emily Ellyn also feels

Besides just his cooking knowledge, Alton has been a TV host for a variety of great cooking shows.  Shows like Iron Chef America and Cutthroat Kitchen.  He also does The Alton Browncast and tours the country.  He is currently on the Alton Brown Live Eat Your Science.

So lets talk about his sandwich choice- THE CUBAN!!!!

I was very excited to see  his version of a Cuban sandwich.  I say his version because he uses hoagie rolls vs Cuban Bread and recommends slice turkey or pork vs just sliced pork.  I know sometimes Cuban bread and sliced pork may not be available everywhere.  It was still great to see his take even though it may not technically be considered a Cuban if it has turkey in it.

Do you want to make Alton’s Cuban Sandwich?

Click on his Cuban sandwich to get his recipe.

Alton Brown Cuban sandwich

Now in my research looking for Alton Brown’s favorite sandwich I did come across this post from Christine Byrne of BuzzFeed who had the chance to ask Alton Brown

What’s his dream sandwich was?

Alton Brown Talks about his Dream Sandwich with Buzzed

photo courtesy of Lauren Zaser / BuzzFeed

He responded with “It’s a bacon, avocado, sardine, ham, mustard, and melted cheese sandwich on a mix of sourdough and rye bread — multiple slices of each, it looks like — plated with pickles.”

Alton has a new touring show called Alton Brown Live: “Eat Your Science”. Buy tickets HERE

Please note that the featured photo is also courtesy of Lauren Zaser of Buzzfeed.

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