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5 Year Anniversary Party!

Written by Biggie on January 17, 2018

We are approaching a big milestone for our sandwich eating clothing brand.  When I came up with the idea of starting Deli Fresh Threads- I had no idea what would become of it and the journey I would go on because of it.

On January 18th- Deli Fresh Threads will celebrate its 5th Anniversary and Biggie Bread turns 5 years old (they grow up so quickly).

It has been a great and learning experience and I am excited to be celebrating with everyone in Orlando on Sunday, January 28th at Bad As’s Sandwich from 11-4pm. (Facebook Event)

Small Indie clothing brands don’t usually last this long so that is why I am so proud of this accomplishment.

What makes this celebration so special is that Bad As’s Sandwich is also celebrating their 1 year anniversary at their Primrose location.

I would love to see you at Bad As’s Sandwich supporting us.  If you cannot attend, I would love to hear from you and I’d appreciate seeing you wear your Deli Fresh Threads even if you cannot attend on Sunday, January 28th.

Thank you to all that have been cheering me on and supporting me all these years.  To all those that have bought something for themselves or for their sandwich lover.  THANK YOU and I hope I have many more years to continue to grow this brand into something you love.