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3rd Rd- 2014 Sandwich Showdown- VOTE NOW!

Written by Biggie on March 29, 2014

Round 2 is done and for the most part the results that came in for it were as expected.  Except for the upset of Chicken Biscuit over the PB&J.  I do not think anyone expected that one.

Advancing to the Delicious 8:

Banh Mi took out Buffalo’s Beef on Weck

BBQ sandwich told the BLT- I’ll just add bacon to my BBQ sandwich and you can keep the salad.

Cheesesteak told Reuben to have a nice one and get out.

Chicken Biscuit took out the PB&J in an upset that wasn’t even close.

Club Sandwich beat out Pastrami to advance.

Cuban Sandwich with the pork beat out the Fried Monty.

Lobster Roll dunked the Italian Beef to advance.

Grilled Cheese had the most votes and easily beat the French Dip.

Vote Now- Round 3 ends on Friday, April 4th

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Banh Mi– Vietnamese sandwich-   typically a sandwich including meat, pickled vegetables on a baguette (photo courtesy of FoodPeopleWant)

BBQ Sandwich– a sandwich consisting of pork or beef that is cooked using a slow cook method until the meat becomes tender enough that it can be “pulled”, or easily broken into individual pieces served with BBQ sauce. (Photo courtesy of me (C&S BrisketBus sandwich))

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Cheesesteak- sandwich made from strips of steak and cheese (Provolone or Cheese whiz), sometimes with peppers and onions on a Amoroso Roll. (Photo courtesy of me)

Chicken Biscuit- fried chicken breast on a buttermilk biscuit (sometimes smothered in white gravy) (Photo courtesy of me)

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Club Sandwich– A triple-decker sandwich made with sliced turkey or chicken, bacon, tomato and lettuce, usually contains mayonnaise (Photo courtesy of wikipedia)

Cuban Sandwich– ham, Swiss cheese, pickled peppers, and roasted pork with mustard and pickle pressed on Cuban bread. (Photo courtesy of me)

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Lobster Roll– Lobster chunks tossed with spices and mayonaise on a roll (photo courtesy of wikipedia)

Grilled Cheese– a cheese sandwich grilled (photo courtesy of bon appetit)

Voting on the Delicious 8 ends on Friday, April 4th.